Sunday, March 07, 2010

Power-lifting - My Best Lifts

A reader recently asked, "I see you've competed in Power-lifting. What are your best lifts in competition and in training ?" (by Darco)

I started power-lifting in 1960 at the age of 22.  I had been training since 16.  My lifts at 22 were around 300lbs on the bench, 400lbs in the squat, and about 400lbs on deadlift.  I was at the time, just learning to be a power-lifter and the sport was very young at the time.  It was hard to find info about proper training and nutrition.  Most of us were on our own in a "trial and error" sort of way.  By 1967, my best bench-press in the gym was 500lbs,  Squats: 670lbs and  Deadlift: 650lbs. In competition, at the US Championships in York, Pennsylvania which was my last power-lifting competition, my official lifts were bench-press: 490 lbs, squat: 630lbs, and deadlift: 630lbs.  At the time, the bench-press was an official US record, but soon after, a new bench-press was set by a power-lifter named Mel Hennessey at 525lbs.

It is important to remember, that lifters back then were not allowed to wear the power-lifting suits that are worn today, which enable the lifters to improve their lifts significantly. I wish that technology was available at the time but that was 43 years ago.  Between the years of 1960 - 1967 I competed in approximately 20 powerlifting competitions, most of them in California, either placing or winning in all of them.

Today, at the age of 72 I'm still working out to keep my self in shape. I'm also doing personal training in a gym in Alameda, California.  Since 1993 I've been racing bicycles at the National and World competitions.  Its called Track Racing and its done on an oval banked track.  The bikes reach speeds of 40 mph racing, and the bikes have no brakes.  Its done on what is called a Velodrome. 

In the future, I'll post about my most exciting power-lifting competition when the power-lifters from my gym, in Alameda, Caliifornia were invited to compete against the strongest power-lifters at San Quentin Prison, California.  Check it out.  P

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  1. Anonymous5:49 AM

    Sure would be great to see what shape you are in now 73 Paul. I am Keith, 33, lift a little, but your video was really inspiring. How about posting a video on youtube showing what shape you are in these days, i bet the biceps are still huge!! Thanks, Keith from UK